Blog Carnival: How I'll Celebrate Valentine's Day

Well, I'm not really a fan of Valentine's Day, and honestly, I don't celebrate it. However, I do find the wit and humor of "anti-Valentine's Day" greeting cards and gifts quite entertaining.

Here are a few Etsy sellers who make me giggle when it comes to Valentine gifts that are sorta--er--off the beaten path. If you enjoy the humor in them, I encourage you to get to their shops immediately, as some of these items were sold out today (luckily, they relisted)!:

Creepy is the New Sexy card
This beautiful card is subtle and hysterical, and the rest of their card collection will not disappoint, I guarantee it.
Courtesy of maybeyoushoulddie

Crappy Valentines Day Pinback Button

Ummm...seriously....is there any better way to say it? What a great button!
Courtesy of incraftwetrust

Poison Skull - Heart-Shaped Resin Necklace

I love this necklace because it's just funky cool. Feminine, yes--sappy, definitely not. That's why it rocks!
Courtesy of stoopidgerl

The Anti Valentine --- Button Trio

I think all of these are great, but my favorite anti-Valentine image is the dead cupid. Perfect!
Courtesy of loveevol

LOVE STINKS Anti-Valentines Day Inspired Lip Conditioner

What a perfect scent for your lips! Pucker up, dahling.
Courtesy of elladean

Finally, if you're into music, which I am, you might want to tune in to WYEP 91.3 FM Pittsburgh for their Anti-Valentine's Day Show on February 13th. You can even submit your favorite anti-Valentine's Day song for possible inclusion into the program!

So there you go readers. That being said, I'm out. It's a busy day today. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


The Wildfire: Gifts and Decor said...

"Here lies Cupid"
I love it!!!

CoCo said...

Tee hee hee ~ I will be thier for you on Friday the 13th
Crappy Valentines Day :)