In the Mist Bracelet

Finally finished! This is the piece that accompanies the In the Mist Lariat; there are also earrings that will go along with the set (to be posted in my shop in about an hour or so).

I'm applying a special to these items--you can save $5.00 USD if you buy the lariat with the earrings, save $7.00 USD if you buy the lariat with the bracelet, or save $10.00 USD if you buy the lariat with the bracelet and the earrings.

Also coming soon will be the final Bizzy Buzz necklace (recall I had to rewrap the focal bead; it's done, but I still need to photograph it), as well as some new labradorite earrings and a new Earth Coils pendant.

I've been a busy, busy girl trying to create new stuff and get it ready for sale; I'm also going to be doing some traveling in March so I want to be sure my shop is well-stocked. On top of that, although I missed the opportunity to purchase an ad for Craft magazine through Etsy's Cooperative Advertisting Program, I did purchase some space on Modish--which will be up and on display on March 15th.

More to come ya'll...but it's Monday and I'm tired and I still need to package up some orders. Nighty night.


Rima said...

Hello Chelsea and thanks for your lovely comment... glad to meet you and your lovely work... and thanks for your purchase! I am really interested in your debate about marketing work online.... off over there to vote :) Best wishes to you.. Rima

Distressing Delilah said...

What a beautiful necklace!

Tita said...

oh, I really love your work, sorry but my english its not good, so: me dan ganas de trabajar plata ¿cómo es el proceso de oxidación? Ah! y que si quieres, pásate por mi blog: www.tita-capotita.blogspot.com