Bizzy Buzz - In Progress

Hooray for spring! This necklace was inspired by the upcoming season. I had some adorable little cast metal bees and so I decided it was time to incorporate them into a design.

This one isn't ready yet--I have to rewrap the focal bead. Ugh. The reason is because I thought I did the frame and the outer coils in 24g and 26g wire, and here I did them in 26g and 28g wire, which makes for thin coils that just bend too much for my liking. I also need to polish it up some more, but the little critters hanging from it told me that they were camera ready. In fact, if you look closely you can probably see little bits of steel wool hanging off of the chain links and the focal piece...the Bizzy Buzzies wanted their picture taken so bad they just couldn't wait for me to brush it off! LOL.

The design is asymmetrical and the necklace is long...I haven't measured it yet, but it's probably about 28" worth of chain links, including the clasp.

I think I'm going to model this one with some long, fun skirts. Perhaps I'll try to infuse it with a charm that will make spring come quicker. Whether it does or not, the other cool thing about this necklace is the weight of it--it's perfectly heavy--meaning that you know you've got your bling on, but it's not causing a kink in your neck.

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Chocolate and Steel said...

That is gorgeous! It is so interesting and has a lot going on, but it looks simple at the same time.