Organizational Woes

So last night I was stressing over ALL of the paperwork I need to put together by February 20th for my appointment with my accountant. I am in no mood, not at all! Sales receipts versus purchases. Profit versus expense. Aaaargh! I mean, I'm fairly organized, but for some reason now that this sole proprietorship is official, it makes me not want to be, just because of all that's involved.

I printed out everything I need (I think), and now I'm getting ready to get into uber-organizational mode. I hope my accountant is ready; luckily we have one, because if I was doing this by myself I think I'd be going mad!

I read a book this summer called Marketing and Selling Your Handmade Jewelry: The Complete Guide to Turning Your Passion into Profit. It's quite a good read, and worth it, I assure you. It gives all types of tips and pointers from getting started to maintaining your business. One piece of software it specifically mentions is Jewelry Designer Manager, created by Bejeweled Software Company. Have any of you heard of this? Have any of you used it? I'm considering its purchase, simply because it really forces you to organize your inventory, helps with pricing, generates receipts, creates a portfolio, etc. The standard version, which I think will suit my needs, is $89.95. Apparently you can also upgrade it if necessary. Regardless, even if I purchase it now, it won't help for this year's taxes. Plus, I may not be able to get it until after the whole tax season is over, as I'd like to use Simply Wired Custom Jewelry income, rather than my own, to purchase it.

So, I guess I'm looking for some thoughts and opinions on your strategy, and if you've ever used Designer Manager or any other type of software. And oh yeah...if you're not creating jewelry and you're looking for some software to help with this type of stuff, the same company also has Craft Manager, which, according to them, is "suitable for all types of arts and crafts such as knitting, fiber art, quilting, wood working, glass work and pottery."

Once I get through this tax season, I promise to post lessons learned. Hopefully it will help some of you out, and help me get into gear for next year. Peace ya'll!


Mimi - Image Beads said...

Good Luck w/your taxes!

I am going to order that book tonight (as soon as I find my paypal c.c.) ;)

Doodlesprouts said...

I had no idea that existed, it sounds helpful. I hope all goes well the taxes - what a headache!

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Anonymous said...


You may also like to check out Bead Manager Pro Jewelry Software

Its slightly more expensive than the basic version of Jewelry Designer Manager but has all the features of The Pro version which is twice the price of Bead Manager Pro.

Yazmin said...

I have the pro version of the software and I like it for what it does. There are certain features I'd prefer - or rather I'd like to be able to run it on my mac and pc, but I guess I should just be happy that I have software to help me inventory.

It's good though, helps keep me abreast of what I should be charging.

If you ever have any questions on it, just let me know. I'd try to answer if I can. :)