Why I Dig What I Do

Hello readers, and happy Super Bowl day (Who's playing? As a former colleague of mine used to say, "Sorry, I don't follow baseball." Hahahaha). Here's a little post tonight in response to the Etsy Bloggers Street Team's Blog Carnival, the theme of which is "What's Love Got to Do With It?"--meaning, why we love our craft (thanks once again to StormyDesigns for hosting).

To answer said Carnival's question, here's a few of my top reasons:

I love the way it challenges me.

With every new wire wrap, with every new bead, with every new color scheme, and with every new technique I learn, creating jewelry keeps me on my toes. I enjoy working at something until I perfect it, and then moving on to the next challenge. I don't think it will ever bore me, as trends and techniques tend to constantly evolve. As they continue to grow, so will I.

I love making my customers happy.

There is nothing like completing a custom order, handing it over, and having my customers tell me that my creation matched "exactly what they were thinking." As mentioned in a previous post, I get most of my inspiration from my customers, as they usually push my capabilities and force me to explore things I haven't done before.

I love jewelry.

That's the main reason why I started. I love jewelry, but where I live, there's not really many vendors or artisans that sell the particular type of jewelry that I like or that I would wear. So, why not make my own? It keeps me busy, and gives me a means to channel some of my creativity. My day job is great, and I love the career path I've chosen, but creating jewelry definitely helps to "balance out" that work vs. play dynamic.

And there you have it. Until next time, keep on creating dear readers. Whether it be jewelry, or pottery, or sewing, or drawing, or Popsicle sticks--balance yourself out.


nahiacreations said...

Great post! Your photography of your products is gorgeous!!

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

I admire your work!

AliciaMae said...

Thanks for the comment :)

I love hearing "that's exactly what I was looking for!" too!

Stormy Designs said...

Great read :-) Your passion shows in your work. Onward & upward my friend.