Fall Happenings

Wow. It's been way too long since I posted on here. Since July! Really??!! Well, there's been so much going on it's been difficult. Shortly after my last post, vacations started. And work happened. Work that involved (and still involves) many business trips, so things don't get done in the shop. That makes me sad, but I don't want to push myself too much, for fear I get myself overworked and into a mode of illness again like last year. Not fun!

I've been working on a few things, but on the down-low. Much of it is created solely for the purpose of matching something that I wear, and won't be sold. I have a number of ideas swimming around in my head, but I have to get them on to paper, on to wire, into a photograph, and then into Etsy. Sometimes, that's a big chore--especially when what you'd like to do is come up with a whole new photography strategy! But that will have to wait and I need to be patient.

One of my biggest endeavors is some more elaborate wrapping strategies, which obviously take time and practice. So I'm saving my postings for those items, and maybe some in-progress works will be posted here. We shall see. Another endeavor of mine is to USE IN STOCK MATERIALS. I have so much STUFF laying around I just need to start being creative with it. So in the future, you might see chunky necklaces or beaded chains with standard links. So many beautiful beads are available, but I certainly do not need to keep them all here beside me. I need to share them with some of my favorite people and make them available to Simply Wired Custom Jewelry shoppers.

Finally, on another note -- I'm going to be in Bead Trends again (November issue), where Beneath the Moon will be featured. Soon, I'll have a couple of them for sale at my site.

Until then, stay tuned. I have lots of work to do!