Bare Feet and Wet Grass

Hello readers, I made it back from my trip, safe and sound. Displayed below is my latest Treasury, scored earlier today. Yay! I happened across Treasury West and there were about 200+ lists open, so I made one. Since summertime is one of my favorite times, I put this collection together. You can see it live and leave a comment at:


The link will be active for the next few days. Enjoy!


Rest in Peace, Ernest P. Bigcat (03/01/00 - 07/18/08)

Baddest news today, dear readers, as I just recently received word from our vet that our 8-year old cat has passed away.

We adopted Ernest from my Uncle; he's put in a long shift with us. He's been through three different dogs (Knute [also no longer with us]), Betza, and Gus, and one cat who he was especially fond of, Shammer.

As you're aware from previous posts, all of my pets live in harmony together, and I couldn't have asked for a cooler cat. He was a tough dude...he would get very big in the winter and then skinny in the summer. He had some missing teeth because they went bad. He also only had a half of an ear because it got ripped off in a fight.

Yesterday morning as I was standing out on my deck, Ernest emerged from the woods crying very loudly. He walked up slowly to my husband's truck and hid underneath it. Upon trying to pull him out, I noticed that his stomach was covered in blood. We rushed him to the vet's office, and they found two puncture wounds, though they do not know what from. It didn't look like teeth marks (they weren't close enough), and there was no bullet to be found. X-ray results showed five broken ribs and no damaged organs; however, his blood pressure and temperature were low, he was anemic, and he was in shock. They kept him overnight and tried to get his temperature to come up, but it did not improve. When I checked in this afternoon, he was still anemic and with low blood pressure. They also said he was breathing through his mouth, which apparently isn't very good. Shortly after that my vet called personally to let me know that Ernest had passed.

So now I'm sad. It just wasn't Ernest's time, given all that he's been through with us. He was young, and had many cat lives ahead of him. But I am glad, however, that he made it home. Some way, some how, with broken ribs and a bleeding belly, he got back here to let me know that he wasn't OK. And we were able to get him to a place where he could be given proper care, and upon moving on, he was made as comfortable as he could possibly be.

Rest in peace, Ernest. May you find an ever-stretching land full of green grass, catnip, and many animals to chase. May you find other cuddly cats to comfort you and clean your 1.5 ears, and may you find other giant dogs to rub up against and then run from as soon as they bark. May you be fed as soon as you start talking in your ErnieCat voice, and may you be pet as soon as you demand it. You deserve all of these things. You were a wonderful friend. I will miss you.



Back from Vacation, Off Again for Another Work Trip

Hello readers! Long time, no hear from me. My apologies. I've been swamped! Much work to do in the studio, plus very busy with my job, creating online learning courseware.

I've been trying to stock up as necessary on some of my items; it's a slow process. August will be tremendously busy, as I plan to get ready for the holidays. My supplier once again ran out of the beads I use for my Santa Fe Teardrops earrings and all of their different variations in Red and in Copper (available at Simply Wired Custom Jewelry on Etsy!), so I'll be making more and re-photographing with different beads, yet again. Why not give up? Because they are some of my best sellers. So, I don't want to ruin a good thing.

Amongst all of this activity, I have a show with the band next Saturday. You can see details on The Simple Groove web site. Or, you can certainly be our friend on The Simple Groove MySpace page. We welcome all of you!

Finally, as mentioned in the title of this post, I have another trip for work coming up...this time to Kansas City, MO. I'll be posting an announcement in my shop, and I'll be filling orders when I return on 7/26 (oh, how I wish Etsy would establish Vacation Mode for us!).

As promised in my previous post, I do have some pictures from vacation, but I still need to get the large amount of them off of my camera. That will come soon, but not tonight, as I have many things to get done over the next few days. You may not hear from me until I get back from Kansas City, so have a great 1.5 weeks!