Back from Vacation, Off Again for Another Work Trip

Hello readers! Long time, no hear from me. My apologies. I've been swamped! Much work to do in the studio, plus very busy with my job, creating online learning courseware.

I've been trying to stock up as necessary on some of my items; it's a slow process. August will be tremendously busy, as I plan to get ready for the holidays. My supplier once again ran out of the beads I use for my Santa Fe Teardrops earrings and all of their different variations in Red and in Copper (available at Simply Wired Custom Jewelry on Etsy!), so I'll be making more and re-photographing with different beads, yet again. Why not give up? Because they are some of my best sellers. So, I don't want to ruin a good thing.

Amongst all of this activity, I have a show with the band next Saturday. You can see details on The Simple Groove web site. Or, you can certainly be our friend on The Simple Groove MySpace page. We welcome all of you!

Finally, as mentioned in the title of this post, I have another trip for work coming up...this time to Kansas City, MO. I'll be posting an announcement in my shop, and I'll be filling orders when I return on 7/26 (oh, how I wish Etsy would establish Vacation Mode for us!).

As promised in my previous post, I do have some pictures from vacation, but I still need to get the large amount of them off of my camera. That will come soon, but not tonight, as I have many things to get done over the next few days. You may not hear from me until I get back from Kansas City, so have a great 1.5 weeks!

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