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Midnight 2
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Here's what I'm working on for a nice little custom wedding piece...necklaces that will be called "Midnight" because of the color of those Swarovski Crystal Pearls--that blue is stunning! I was so happy with them when they arrived. I wanted to do a little piece of it so I could show the wonderful bride what her lovely bridesmaids (four of 'em) will be wearing.

The entire piece will be constructed of 20g sterling silver wire, Swarovski crystals, Swarovski Crystal Pearls, and sterling silver tube beads. Yet to be added will be some fused and hammered (maybe) rings and a custom clasp as soon as my saw blades get here (grrrrr and ugh--but they'll be here this week, definitely).

Earrings will also be created to match; I'll be posting updates on here during development. Yeehaw!


Mimi said...

It looks beautiful! I'm sure the bride will love it!!!

Amy Yang said...

It looks great. I love all the interest you've added to it with the dropping swirls. I'm sure they'll love them!