More Giveaway Results

If you were a participant in my Valentine Giveaway, thanks once again. The rules for that particular contest included providing me with some feedback related to the items in my shop so that I have an idea of what to continue to keep in stock. Over the next year, many changes will be taking place, but I want to be sure that my customers still have their old favorites available to them if they want them.

At first glance, the results were pretty spread out--nearly all participants had a different favorite. I see this as a good sign, as I'm hoping my products reach a versatile audience. A few items stood out, however:

Many of these I planned to keep already, with the exception of the Beneath the Blood Moon and the Beneath the Blue Moon necklaces. I'll probably only do those on special order requests, because the garnets are quite pricey and I haven't been able to find any more amazonite teardrops like the ones in the necklace. I'll keep an eye out for them from sellers on Etsy, as that's where I got my first pair.

I'll probably also keep the Beneath the Moon Earrings, as well as the Santa Fe Teardrops and Santa Fe Red Teardrops Earrings, as I have a large amount of turquoise that I need to move out of my shop. Otherwise, the remaining items for sale will most likely be considered one of a kind, and once they're sold, they'll make way for some of my metal jewelry.

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