"Six Things About Me"

Yes, fellow Etsy bloggers, I've been tagged. Cori (http://www.designsbycori.blogspot.com/) chose me as one of her lucky six recipients that have to list six things about themselves, and then tag six other bloggers. Being that it's almost 11:30 on a Sunday night, I'm not thinking too clearly. So hopefully I'll have this list ready for you tomorrow. It will give me something to think about while I'm working! Haha.

For now I can give you item #1: I'm in a band.

The Simple Groove--Coming Up SlowlyYes, I'm a rock star. Well--er--sorta. I'm a folksinger in a band called The Simple Groove, and we play acoustic tunes for audiences who like to drink wine or coffee, smoke cigarettes (even though we're non-smokers), and listen to us in small little intimate settings. I'm the vocalist, and I write the lyrics and compose the melodies for most of the songs. Who else is in the band, you ask? Why, it's my brother, James. A very talented musician indeed, much more so than I, and he's pretty much the brains behind the whole thing. He plays the guitar and lays down the main guitar riffs for our songs. Anyway, I'm rambling about this now because I'm very passionate about it, but you can check us out on our site (mentioned above). If you like us, you should also go to The Simple Groove MySpace page and become one of our friends! We'd love to add you to our list.

That's all for now, I hope to have five more tomorrow, and I'll also need to dig up six bloggers to pass this little game on to.

Rock on,

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kalicat said...

Ah, a talented Rock Star.
Awaiting the next CD.
I am a Jazzy Sax player myself, and believe jewelry goes with music :)