Six Things About Me: #4

I'm getting closer...here's #4: My Siblings are the Most Talented People I Know!

I have three of 'em, here's a rundown of their wonderful skills (all of them are younger):

Brother, James ("J"): Musician (guitar, harmonica, banjo, bass) and soccer player

Sister, Courtney ("Court"): Artist (just about anything...painting, pottery, you name it!), fluent Spanish speaker

Brother, Seth ("Sether"): Athlete (mostly baseball), soon to be drummer, and soon to be writer (if he takes my advice and changes his college major to something writing-intensive...he's good at it!)

Not to mention, my sister-in-law, Kelly (married to James), is also quite a skillful chickie: She's a photographer, she's an artist (graphic design, illustration, etc.), she does stained glass, she dabbles in metalsmithing, she does jewelry, she does knitting...the list goes on and on.

Hopefully you'll see Courtney, Kelly, and Chelsea on Etsy soon.

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