"Six Things About Me: #2"

OK, so I'm trying to figure out things that someone would actually want to read about. This is a difficult task! But I've changed my plans: One a night.

Tonight is #2: My kids are my pets.

That's right, no children. Not yet. Not for a while. I'm happily married, and our children include two St. Bernards and two cats. The St. Bernards, Betza and Gus, weigh 330 pounds if you combine their weights. I love them because they are gentle giants and will cuddle with you any chance they get. My cats--one black one (Shammer) and one orange tabby (Ernest)--maintain the balance of nuisance critters in my neck of the woods. They are indoor/outdoor cats, I think they think that they are dogs, and they only cuddle when THEY want to cuddle. But I don't mind. Together, all four live in harmony and on rare occasions you'll find one of the cats and one of the dogs snuggled together. If I can ever catch them in enough time to get a picture, I swear I'll post it here, folks. It's worth seeing for sure.

Stay tuned for more...


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steven mcvay said...

hello from london, thank you for your kind blog comment, and i would love to see a picture of your dogs and cats curled up together...we have a dog called charlie and we are convinced she is half human...she is demanding enough to be one !....xxxx