"Reloj" Update, New Stuff, Store Update, Etc.

Reloj Update

Well I'm still trying to come up with how I want to put Reloj together. I decided I hated the way I wrapped the focal pendant, so I ripped it apart and started anew. At first I used 24 and 30g wire, and I thought it looked too thin. So, I switched it up and did it with 20 and 24g, and I love it so much more! Plus, I'm becoming a fan of the coiled bail...it's nice and thick and wirey (is that a word??!!).

Also note that I changed the "headpin" spiral a little bit...I created a loose spiral and then hammered it out...it gave it this asymmetrical, textured look that I really like. I'm probably going to go with that approach much more often, it's sooooooo much more "non-uniform".

I created some easy links for one of the strands, and incorporated some lapis and amber beads. The amber chips were left over from a previous project, so I had just enough to make the other strand with the carnelian and lapis. Next will be another strand made of wire and beads only...mostly carnelian, I think. Finally, I'm also diggin' the way I'm going to wrap the wooden tusks...I'm doing a basket weave at the top rather than a full wrap around it (I'm also turning into a HUGE weaving fan...need a lesson? Check out http://www.beaducation.com/ -- it's one of my favorites).

New Stuff

So I worked on this little guy this past Friday night, and I love, love, love it. Its title will be "Talking in Circles," as I've decided I might start to name my pieces after the lyrics in some of the songs I write for The Simple Groove (yeah! check it out--mp3s 'n such!). The focal pendant is red jasper, and I wrapped it in sterling silver wire. It'll eventually be oxidized , but until I put it all together it'll stay nice 'n shiny. Stay tuned for updates to this one; I promise I'll post 'em.

Store Update, Etc.

So I wanted to get my Etsy store out there this past weekend, but I was a bit under the weather. Next weekend will be the target, and I'll probably post a new item daily. If you have questions in the meantime, you can email me. Of course, I'll still take custom requests, in fact, I just got asked to do bridesmaids' jewelry for one of my friend's weddings. If the couple lets me, I'll post my progress here. If not, I'll get the final photos on this site when it's finished (after their wedding, of course) and on my Flickr page.

Well, my favorite shows of the week, Weeds and Californication are on, and I'm missing them. So, I'm out for now.

Coil it up,


The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Very nice work and how patient of you to take things apart until you get them the way you want. I wish you great success!

ccdesign said...

I love your new necklace "talking in Circles".