Guestbook Added & Simply Wired Custom Jewelry Happenings

Hey there folks...greetings from the land where all thoughts relate to "what shall I make next?" and "when should I open my store?" These are questions that will probably never be answered. Things don't go as fast as expected when life takes over. I'm working on trying to get some things finished up so I have items to post daily...apparently this will give me some more exposure (at least that's what I'm seeing in the Posts). You can expect a few necklaces as well as some earrings and a bracelet or two. I have to oxidize everything yet, and I just bought a rock tumbler, so the opening date might be delayed until I get these things finished (not to mention getting packaging supplies, biz cards, and "thank you" coupons ready for purchases and promos). I also got some more custom orders, which I'll be sure to post here and on Flickr so you can check out their progress.

In my spare time I've been doing my full-time job, as well as buying some mighty lovely things from Etsy sellers, too! Check 'em out:

Hand-dyed nifty li'l cotton pouch from Morgansilk

Nag Champa Handcrafted Soap from MartinsvilleEmporium

Passion Fruit Art Glass Pendant from

Also, below you'll find a nifty little guestbook that I added today. Ain't it just adorable? Don't forget to sign!

Finally, I added links to some other fellow Etsy bloggers at the bottom left. Be sure to check them out and visit their stores if you're diggin' their stuff.

Well, that's it for now. It's reading time...current favorite is Water for Elephants.


beornica said...

I took a peek at Mertinsville's Nag Champa soap - only my favorite scent in the world... oooh I think I might have to buy some too...

Simply Wired said...

Oh, you will love it, and it makes your entire bathroom smell divine!