My Latest Purchase

Click to visit Wood Thrush Studio, Mary Boden's web site

One rare occasions, I do buy jewelry for myself. This does not happen often, as most of my creations are spoken for, or I make them as gifts. But every once in a while I find an item that I just can't put around anyone else's neck but mine. Recently, this happened when I visited Mary Boden's site, Wood Thrush Studio. I bought this lovely li'l pendant from her site on Etsy. A visit to both of her locations is recommended; she really makes some amazing stuff. I'll also be posting this work in progress as I create it. As of today, metals, gemstones, and materials to be included will include amethyst, citrine, glass foil beads, and copper. Sorry folks, this one will be my Christmas present to myself this year. But, be sure to check back often for photos! Perhaps my design can give you some creative ideas.

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