Six Things About Me: #6

Alas, the final installment of this list. Next, I'll have to identify other lucky victims. :0D

Here it is: #6: My two biggest accomplishments are backpacking trips.

I maybe should have said "BIG backpacking trips," as they are not what you call easy-out-and-backs or easy-loops. Nope, they involve two significant trips: One to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and the other one from start to finish on the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail.

The reason I consider them such feats is because the Grand Canyon trip was my first backpacking trip EVER. Down to the bottom and back out in two days, with mules having the right of way, it's a challenge because of the changing temperatures, the rough path, and the incline of the hike. I made it, but not without a struggle! I even almost cried once on the way up, after I tried to look up to see where the top was and all I could see were switchbacks.

The Laurel Highlands Trail was also a doozy...all 85 miles of it (70 trail miles + the extra miles to hike in and out of the lean-tos). I did this one in terrible boots, with blisters all over my feet. I think tears did come that time, but I refused to let those stupid blisters get the best of me. It was one of the best vacations of my life, and when I think about how we did the trail from start to finish, I give myself a cheer. There's not many people who can say they've done the same thing.

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