My Gift to Me

Well, I had a pretty large balance left over in my PayPal account after the holiday rush. I was tired of buying supplies and equipment, so I decided to buy another piece of gorgeous jewelry from Mary Boden of Wood Thrush Studio. You may recall when I first started this blog that I bought a dragonfly pendant from her back in September.

Here it is, in all of its exotic glory (the title of the piece, BTW, is called "Exotic Visitor;" read the details here):

And here's another pic for you--you see that ring in there--yeah, I got myself that, too!

In case you've never heard of Mary or her web site, she's well worth a visit. She has links to her Etsy shop on her web site as well, and you can also visit her blog at http://egg-shell.livejournal.com/. I absolutely adore her designs; she is everything I want to be as a metalsmith (and since I haven't started that aspect of this hobby of mine, I have a long way to go!).

So, here's to you, Mary. Thanks for making such beautiful things that keep me coming back to your shop...and thanks even more for being such an inspiration.


egg-shell said...

Thanks Chelsea! I'm very honored that you like my jewelry so much! I feel like you have lots of talent too. Keep up the great work! Mary

Anonymous said...

I also have quite a variety of Mary originals and love them tremendously.