New Stuff in the Store, Finally

Wow it's really been a long time...but I was finally able to finish and list a new item today. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Paint It Black, my newest brooch of the "Paint It" series. This one is nice and thick, with many layers of weaves using the mosaic technique. I like the versatility of it, as black, white, and silver have such a wide range of possibilities when matched with other colors.

Paint It Black Brooch 2

My problem with the Paint It brooches, however, is that they barely get any views when they appear in the listings alone. It seems they do much better when they're picked up in a treasury or when they have a showcase spot. We'll see how this one goes; it might take some extra effort to promote.

Also, I finally have my Jonelle set ready for posting on my blog! Here's a photo of the set, which includes a lariat necklace, bracelet, and earrings. I'm going to be offering these pieces in my shop on a made to order basis, but I first need to buy more labradorite; I ran out over the holidays!

Jonelle Set 1

This set started with the necklace, and was inspired by my Beneath the Moon design, shown in the ring ends of the lariat. I also wanted to incorporate the herringbone weave, as it is one of my favorite techniques, so I merged the two components together into the final piece. I then created the chain links all by hand, soaked the necklace in a liver of sulfur solution to oxidize it, and finally tumbled it to a nice dark shine. The bracelet and earring design came easily; I followed the basic design of the necklace as well as some of my previous earring patterns.

Dependent upon how soon I can find/receive more labradorite teardrop beads, I hope to list these items by the end of the month.

That's all for now folks; I hope new pieces will be coming soon...I'm thinkin' pendants and I'm thinkin' copper. Yum.


Field Notes said...

Your photography is beautiful! The name for your newest creation reminds me of one of my favorite Stones songs :)

~ recycledideas

egg-shell said...

Beautiful and creative set - I love the wire weaving!