Some Notes on What's Comin'

Many things, readers. Many, many things.

I put together a "Beneath the Moon" necklace last weekend, but it's comprised of garnets and pearls rather than smoky quartz and moonstone. I'm hoping it will be a Valentine's Day favorite, given its lovely red colors. Other Beneath the Moon items will include amazonite, serpentine (maybe), and some other beautiful colors of quartz.

I have some earrings coming, which are quite simple in design yet lovely nonetheless. One pair is comprised of smoky quartz briolettes (small ones), and the other pair is labradorite teardrops (the colors in them are amazing!). Another pair will feature red coral beads, another Valentine favorite.

An additional "Paint It" is in the works, which will be titled "Paint It Pomegranate." The name is inspired by my friend's feedback on her "Paint It Cherry Red" brooch, where, upon receipt, she e-mailed me with the phrase "I'm thinkin' pomegranates!" I'm hoping to incorporate all beautiful shades of red, purples, and pinks (thanks Deb!).

Labradorite faceted teardrops are on their way to my home, which means that I can list the items that are included in the Jonelle series, with some slight variations.

Finally, I completed the acquisition of all tools and materials required to start doing some metalsmithing. I hope to create my first project next weekend, after I get back from my trip for work. I also plan to enroll in a class during the March-April timeframe.

So...keep your eyes and ears open, dear readers. I promise to keep you informed.

One final note: I need to close the shop from 1/14-1/16, as I'll be traveling for work. Access to Etsy and e-mail will be minimal (if at all) during this time frame; all orders will be filled/created upon my return.

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