Well, Great.

Grrrrr so I thought I was in the Etsy Showcase TOMORROW, and it turns out it was TODAY. The only way I figured it out is because a special someone sent me a nice little comment about my stuff, saying she saw it there. To top it off, Etsy changed the way you rank your items for showcases, so the items that were appearing for my shop since midnight last night weren't even the ones I wanted featured! Double grrrrrr.

So, that being said, I was going to list some new items tonight, but now I'll wait. Actually it works out for the best, anyway, because I don't think I'd have gotten them all posted. Here's a few little surprises for ya (unedited as of yet, so bear with me):

Moukaite Wire Wrapped Pendant and Chain
A moukaite focal pendant wrapped with a herringbone weave and hung from a hand forged sterling silver chain and clasp. You can't see it on this pic, but an amber bead is also added as an accent to the clasp. Official name TBD.

Red Agate Pendant
A nugget of red agate wrapped in copper, using my signature design inspired by my "Back to Earth" necklace. I also have one in moss agate, but the picture came out crappy and I have to reshoot it. These pendants will be sent with a leather cord, which will include a copper hook and eye clasp. Official name TBD.
Cool as Ice Earrings
Peacock pearls and rainbow moonstone delicately dangle from handcrafted inverted V ear wires. I love these!
Red Bliss Earrings
Dyed red coral beads are nestled between sterling silver beads and suspended from inverted V ear wires. I love these, too!
The above items, along with a few others, will be posted in my shop over the next couple of days. More and more pieces are coming; I hope to keep filling up my storefront and then I'll take a break for a while so I can fire up that torch and move on to that next endeavor of mine.

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