Showcase Results and Promotional Activities

Well, as promised, I mentioned that I'd put some stats on my page regarding the Showcase. I purchased a spot in the Springtime one; alas, no sales, but I did get some good counts. Here's the breakdown:

  • At 11:30 p.m. on 3/4/08 (1/2 hour before the showcase began, I had 2630 views (this is the total of all items; I didn't do a per-item view count).
  • At 7:28 a.m. on 3/6/08 (I didn't have time to check after midnight; too sleepy!), I had 601 additional views.
So...what does this mean? Nothing really. LOL. It just shows the amount of increased traffic I'm bringing to my site as a result of being in the Showcase. On average, in a 24 hour period, I get about 100-200 views, dependent upon how many times I relist. Honestly, I use the Showcase as exposure more than anything. It puts my products out there, gets people to see what I have to offer, and hopefully those views will eventually turn into sales later, or at least a couple of hearts (I know, they don't really mean anything either, but I love getting them!).

Speaking of views, I reset my counter yesterday evening, and about an hour later I had approximately 300 more views in my shop. The verdict? I made it to the Etsy front page. This was exciting, as it never happened before. The lovely FuzzyBunnyStew put together a Treasury called Persephone's Pomegranates and she featured my brooch in it (hurry up and check it out--it expires tonight!).

There it is, right in the 2nd row. Yeehaw!

So yeah, if you're looking to get lots and lots of views, try to make it to the front page. It resulted in about 800 in less than two hours!

Now for more exposure--I'm in the process of doing some more advertising. As mentioned, I'll have an ad on Modish beginning on March 15th. I'll also be spotlighted, which will of course enable me to run a sale in my shop, so be sure to go there beginning on 3/15 (don't worry, dear readers, I'll remind you!). I also did a Project Wonderful bid for an ad on EtsyLove. If I'm the high bidder, I'll be on there beginning mid-april.

And finally, I came up with a springtime theme for some earrings--incorporating some peridot and some yellow citrine. I hope to have the contest and the earrings posted today sometime, at the latest tomorrow.


Hey Harriet said...

Hey nice one! That's quite an increase in views! I so wish we had daylight savings. Every state in Australia has it except the one I live in. Grrr! We had it once & it was great. We've never had it again though because it confused the cows. Apparently :[

Caroline said...

Congratulations on making the front page! Exciting!