The Benefits of a Showcase--Or Not?

Well, I broke down and purchased another showcase spot for today--the Springtime one on Etsy. I usually have fairly good luck with them since I've found the main items that draw customers to my shop, which are Beneath the Moon and Fire Gypsy.
While visiting the Blog Love forum post this morning, I ran across cicadastudio's blog as well as her giveaway, which is where she mentioned how it's funny what people are drawn to as far as products go. I couldn't agree more--I really like both of those necklaces, but it's just interesting to see what items get the most "clicks." LOL.

I'll be using the Majaba View Calculator to track views...as of last night I reset it, and this morning I had about 107 views since midnight without relisting anything. It doesn't track on a per item basis, just total visits per page of your items, but I might find it helpful in determining the ratio of hits versus sales. We shall see...in most cases I get at least one sale from a Showcase, but things have been kind of slow lately.

In other news, the lovely JessicaSharrah blogged about me yesterday; you'll have to read her writeup to find out how we discovered one another--it's kinda funny. Jessica has a ton of ceramic jewelry in her shop, and as of late, she has created these beautiful ceramic bands that I think are just lovely. One of them even made it to the front page on Etsy a few weeks ago! I hope these bring her much success. If you like them, she has a large range of colors, all available in her shop.

Finally--as promised--a quick run down of the Ani Difranco show. It rawked. The venue was absolutely amazing--very small and intimate (only 1,022 seats!), just like I like 'em. It was very quiet in the audience, another plus, and Ani just seemed to have a brand new energy about her. It was a pleasure to watch; and I hope I can see many more shows at the Carnegie Library Music Hall in the very near future.

Well, that's all for this morning. I'm a busy girl today; I have much work to do for my day job, so it might be a few days before another post. Over the weekend, be sure to tune in, as I'm having another giveaway for a pair of earrings.

Until then, keep thinking of spring...

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Hey Harriet said...

Ani Difranco does indeed rock! I was lucky enough to see her years ago when she toured Australia. She was awesome!

Sounds like the gig you went to was amazing. You can't beat those smaller intimate style shows :)