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Gotcha! You probably thought this post was about embarrassing myself. Although I do that quite often, this particular post is about a new item in my shop. You guessed it, it's called Blush. Crafted from rhodonite and sterling silver, this dainty little ring looks perfect with both warm and cool colors.

I added some teeny tiny sterling silver beads just to give it more of an asymmetrical, "messy" look; that way, it can be a little more casual when you want it to be. I had fun making this one, and especially photographing it. Rings are easy to photograph! You just place them in your light box and click away! I did have to mess with the f-stop just a little bit to get the right focus between the foreground and background, but I like how my pics turned out. Speaking of f-stop, The Storque has a great article about using this fabulous feature. I highly recommend it, as you can make some nice adjustments to your depth of field dependent upon how much detail you want to include in your photo.

I made a few other rings, one with peach moonstone and another with garnet, but I will wait until I return to post them. Which reminds me...when I say "when I return" I mean I'm going to be out of the shop. Yep, this week I have a trip for work, so I'm pretty much unavailable until late Friday evening. Updates have been posted in my store, and any orders placed will be processed ASAP after I get back. Until then, have you entered yourself in the Springtime Giveaway yet? If not, hurry up silly. Time is running out.


Rachel said...

Thanks so much, lovely jewelry and site :o)

capitolagirl said...

Very pretty ring! I love the color and the name :-)

High Desert Diva said...

Great ring!

Rosebud Collection said...

What a great job you did on the ring.

maryannartist said...

Really nice ring!! I am a fan of your jewelry in general. And I like your Blog writings too!

Lineberry said...

Gorgeous ring! I so want to learn to do that!