Great Resource for Royalty Free Images

I occasionally like to use photos on my blog that I haven't taken with my camera; mostly for illustrative purposes or for things like banners, themed images, or photo montages. I also do some commissioned work for friends when I get the chance...but not so much since I opened up my Etsy site.

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Anyway, Big Stock Photo is the place where I've been going recently for royalty free photos. You can sign up for "download credits," the pics are reasonably priced (especially when you're only using them for low resolution web stuff), and their use definitely keeps you safe from copyright infringement. I don't use them all of the time, obviously, but when I need that certain image--the one that goes perfectly with the post that can't be represented with my own images--I like having it as a resource.

The other cool thing you can do is submit your own photos to the site; however, I haven't done that yet. So...perhaps you should check it out if you're into design services, or if you like to have access to a nicely sized, nicely organized photo library. Or, perhaps you can take one of your favorite Flickr photos, put them on Big Stock Photo, and make a few bucks for yourself. Have fun!

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