Santa Fe Teardrops Earrings

Happy Friday, everyone! Tomorrow is my day off, but you'll see these earrings in my Etsy shop on Sunday.

Today I bought a new lightbox to use for my photographing. See the following article at: http://www.theswitchboards.com/articles_professionalphotos.html. Very helpful!

I also got some new lamps to use with the lightbox so I can hopefully brighten my pics up a little (without so much Photoshopping!).

Finally, I took the "Handmade Pledge" today. See my banner in the left nav bar, or check out the buyhandmade.org web site. It promotes the shopping and purchase of handcrafted items rather than those that are mass produced. What a great idea!


Simply Me Art said...

I Love these Earings. I am going thru a Huge Turquoise Phase right now. Those are great..Thank you for stopping into my blog. I really Love your work..Have a great weekend. Jamie

Jen said...

Thanks for posting the link about taking & editing photos, I found it very helpful. I'd like to add your blog to the "Other great blogs" list on my blog if that's ok with you?