Busy Weekend

Good grief, things have been crazy. As I mentioned in a previous post, life just sometimes takes over. I did get a few components done on my Talking in Circles in necklace; however, I was working on a coiled jump ring this evening and I got one right, but the other one decided to give me grief. As a result, the tools were put away. I hate when that happens. It's almost like having to start over, with no direction on where to go next.

So this week I think I'll be at a point where I'll have some items to add to my shop. I'll have about three necklaces and several pairs of earrings, which will enable me to post consistently for approximately two weeks. In preparation for my store opening, there are a ton of other things to do, such as photograph my items, write their descriptions, figure out pricing, etc. It's a ton of work! At the same time, lots of shop information needs to be completed. Luckily, Christina Perdue's blog is helping a bunch of folks out, including me. She has this excellent plan where she's going to spend the next 30 days giving us all tips on how to update our shops. While she provides the tips, she's going to be doing the same thing.

To get me started writing and documenting what I'm going to do with Simply Wired Custom Jewelry , I'm going to post my information here, and then I'll move it over to the shop when I'm ready.

Alrighty...here goes her #1 item: Set goals both monthly and long term for your shop and business.

Mine are as follows:


  1. Open Etsy shop
  2. List at least one new item per day (weekdays) after opening until inventory runs out
  3. Create new items while listing so that number of items in my shop is approximately 30 (may stretch to November)
  4. Update blog every day
  5. Sell at least one item before the end of the month

Long-term (within one year)
  1. If sales continue to be a success, purchase a Simply Wired Custom Jewelry domain name
  2. Begin metalsmithing techniques, and take a class if one is available near me
  3. Submit my work in a jewelry contest
  4. Evaluate success and determine if Simply Wired Custom Jewelry can become a significant portion of my income; if so, begin business plan for brick and mortar store (may extend beyond one year)

Nighty night, folks. I promise I'll also include some other fun stuff mixed in with "the biz" posts, including pics of pets, corners of my home, etc.


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