Improving the Etsy Shop, Part 4

I'm still playing the slow catch-up of the 30 day plan, but hey, since my shop isn't up and running yet, I should be OK eventually. Today's activity is to update my profile. Here's where I am so far:

I'm Chelsea, the creator of Simply Wired Custom Jewelry. By day, I’m an instructional systems designer, and when I find time outside of being a workforce professional, I’m a jewelry artisan. Wire and gemstones are what continuously draw me in…the combination of the two is electrifying. At the beginning of this side-profession of mine, I was searching for something to keep my hands and my brain creatively occupied. I started to explore different types of beads and techniques, and when I saw what could be done with wire, that’s when I decided it was for me.

Nature, art, music, people, emotions, weather, and my day-to-day surroundings inspire me. Within my portfolio, you’ll find creations comprised of sterling silver wire, in many cases oxidized. I also favor the look of copper, so a few of my recent pieces incorporate its basic, earthy glory. Weaved, enclosed, or entwined among the wraps you’ll find many types of gemstones, my favorites being turquoise, carnelian, and amber. Metal has also been calling my name as of late, so stay tuned and watch me grow. I promise I will keep trying to improve!

None of my designs would have ever come to fruition without an incessant desire to learn from established professionals. Continuous reading, researching, and enrolling in online classes have enabled me to develop my own personal style, which I attribute to Lisa Niven Kelly, Kriss Silva, Sharilyn Miller, Mark Lareau, Linda Chandler, and Christine Ritchey.

Finally, when I’m not working on jewelry, you can find me working on my musical career, where I’m a vocalist for a little project called The Simple Groove. You can also find me spending time with my wonderful husband, my two St. Bernards, and my two cats. The free moments that are left are spent reading, baking, and watching my backyard birds from the comfort of my living room.

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