Many Improvements

Lots of work done over the weekend! I am on track with Christina Perdue's Blog, up to Day 8, I opened up shop yesterday, and yeah! I'm starting to get really excited about this whole shop thang.

Anyway, Steps 5 through 8 are going to be easy…because Step 5: Improve your Banner and Avatar is already finished, and Step 6: Update your Descriptions is going to be CAKE because I only have one item (Item #2 will be added in a few hours)! Plus, Step 7 is the other half of my items, which are yet to be listed, so I’ll just have to be sure to follow my own standard format when listing.

So, that brings me to Step 8: Update Your Message to Buyers. This is important for me because I haven’t really added anything to my message except “Thanks for your purchase!”, as I’m not really sure what this message is supposed to entail. So, my new one will be added as follows:

Thank you for your purchase from Simply Wired Custom Jewelry! Your item(s) will be sent to you within two-three days after your payment clears. All jewelry is shipped via USPS First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation (unless shipped internationally), and will arrive in a lovely gift box perfect for gift giving (to yourself or to others!).

To check the status of your order, go to Your Etsy : Purchases and refer to the “status (from seller)” column.
Finally, I updated my business card, which has taken me forever to find the right cards for my printer! I finally found them…the Avery 8869s…which allow you to print to the edge (very, very important for my graphic design style) and only prints out eight cards per sheet. I’m pretty pleased with the final result; I printed out a set and the edges were very, very clean. At any rate, here’s the image I’m using for the card:

Next, I need to work on the other side, which will probably include a discount code for new customers who acquire my cards at craft fairs (thanks to all of those lovely Etsy sellers who offer to distribute these freebies!). I’d really like to include a set of earrings with each card, but my poor hands won’t work that fast.

Last but not least, I updated my blog banner! I'm quite pleased. Stay tuned, in a few hours I'll be posting a new item, plus posting tomorrow's item here.


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