Wow I Made the Cover

So a few weeks ago, fellow Etsy seller Tim Adam of TimothyAdamDesigns added a post to the forum that was quite intriguing, I must say. Basically, the deal was this: You buy the book that he is creating ("The Handbook to Handmade"), and all those who bought it would have their work featured in it. It can then be used as a marketing tool for Etsy sellers and Etsy in general.

I went ahead and bought a copy, figuring this kind of marketing would be quite easy (and that's my favorite kind!). Anyway, I got an e-mail from Tim today, pointing us to his blog where the Handbook is featured, and Talking in Circles made the front cover! I told him I was very flattered to be among such "wonderful-ness" of Etsy. I am also very thankful that he is taking the time and the effort to compile and publish this book. I can only imagine the level of dedication required. Cheers to you, Tim.

If you get the chance, give Tim a visit at his Etsy shop, listed below. He's a self-taught metal artist who creates some really unique items, ranging from jewelry to furniture to wall art. You can also view some of Tim's work on Trunkt.


Stormy Designs said...

WOW congrats! Cover looks great with your piece on it. Nowhere for you to go but up from here :-)

Field Notes said...

That's fantastic! Good job for creating such a beautiful piece :)