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Greetings, readers. I hope your Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it) was wonderful. I'm still so full even my ears feel bloated! Last night we got our first "real" snow here in Western PA--meaning, it actually stuck to the ground. My birds are upset because the perches on their feeders are snow covered; however, they're willing to forgive me because I bought a heater for my birdbath, which is working wonderfully.

So, let's talk shop stuff. I'm now listed on the Jewelry page of the Indiecrafters web site. This site is sponsored by the lovely Cristine of Marie Cristine Jewelry. Cristine does metal work as well as wire work (two of my faves!), and her handmade jewelry is made with sterling silver, fine silver, or gold filled metals. She also designs and creates handmade chains, chainmaille, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and rings. Finally, she cuts many of her own cabochons from local stones that she collects as well as from raw material that she purchases.

So, hats off to Marie Cristine Jewelry, and thanks to Cristine once again for putting my creations on her site. Want more? Give her a visit at Etsy (link provided below). You might also want to check out her Trunkt Portfolio.

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