All Caught Up

Well, I finished my Thanksgiving To Do list. And yes I made it to the liquor store. :oP

Tomorrow will be spent with family and friends, so a post is probably not going to happen until Friday. In it, there will be a few announcements, including what I plan to do with this weekend's Saturday Night Special, a new site I'm on, a gift giveaway I'm participating in, and hopefully some new photos (I bought some different colors of craft paper today). If the photo shoot goes well, I'll post some tips here, of course.

Finally, I updated my Etsy banner today for my holiday shoppers. Go ahead and check it out...you know you want to!

Until Friday, have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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Stormy Designs said...

Glad you made it to the liquor store, have one for me :-) Love your new banner, gave me an idea for mine;-) Happy Thanksgiving!