Thirsty Visitor

I LOVE IT when birds visit my feeders. Today I was camera happy, and this little cutie decided to hang out at our birdbath. I also got an excellent photo of a female cardinal, but I love how fat 'n furry this yellow goldfinch looks, so I posted it here for all to see.

Today was also the first day of Etsy's Jewelry Showcase; I bought a spot in it. After thinking about it, it was probably a bad idea to have purchased the spot on its debut; however, it did generate 40+ hits for my featured item (Ocean Storm) as of the time of this posting. I also purchased numerous other Showcase spots, including the main Showcase on November 8th, and Jewelry Showcases on November 21st and November 23rd ("Black Friday"...oooooooooh).

I'm also in an Etsy Treasury today! ArtisticDetour was able to curate yet another cooooool list. This time, my Winter Grapes and Lemons Earrings were featured. Thanks once again, ArtisticDetour!

This week I hope to keep filling up the shop with items; I worked on some new earrings today and some pendants. The photo shoot took longer than expected of course, some requiring a re-shoot, but I should have enough to work with for initial postings.

Wrap it up,

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