Thinking of Photos and Strategies

I need to do a major overhaul on my shop. Soon. But these things take time. A "photo shoot" on one item alone could take almost an hour...so I don't think I'll be having an immediate turnaround. I have big ideas and elements that I'd like to incorporate, but they're labor intensive.

I love how Bead Trends sets up a background for their photo...I need to study their techniques. Of course, I also need new things to photograph, which will also be my focus moving forward. Made to order items are going to be kept to a minimum, as I don't have enough time to be creative and fill orders and maintain sanity with my day job! So, something's gotta give. Once I feel like I have enough new items in stock, I may go back to some made to order pieces, but for right now I need to put that on hold.

Another reason for the push for more "on hand" items--a craft booth. Next July (2010), I'm thinking of having one at a local show...which will also incorporate some beautiful stuff from my sister in law (and if I'm lucky, some things from my husband, too! I promise to post some pics of his latest creation soon).

Anyway, that's all for tonight, dear readers. I also need to go and think about an ad for Simply Wired Custom Jewelry's Facebook page and figure out how to get some fans, as I have no desire to spam my poor friends. Once I do some more research, I'll probably launch the ad sometime in September. The gathering of 100 fans also enables me to get a normal looking URL address, which would be quite nice. :oD

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