Pink Lemonade

How 'bout this lovely moth? It's the rosy maple moth, (Dryocampa rubicunda), as I just found out today. I think it's a female, because the antennae seem not-so-bushy.

Aren't the colors just great? They do remind me of pink lemonade...and summer. Below are some items that represent these beautiful colors, all available at Etsy!

This is one of the pieces by elleabelle. I love how she uses bright, bold colors of chalcedony in her designs. The photos pop, and her jewelry is sassy! These earrings are summery and juicy--perfect for the season.

Oh, AliciaBock, your photos make my heart swoon. She captures the "natural" of everything, and the final product is nothing short of beautiful. Pink Sugar reminds me of warm days filled with the sweet smell of flowers.

theferriswheels has been a personal favorite of mine since back in December. I have one of her masks, and also bought one as a gift for a friend! While I was sick, I had a severe sinus infection. If you happen to get one...take one of these, heat it up, and lay it on your eyes. Such calming, comforting relief.


eve said...

I saw this photo of the moth on your flickr, it looks huge, or either that you have got a real close up view, great photo,x Eve

Simply Wired Custom Jewelry said...

LOL! She's not that big...the photo of the moth is on my screen door, so the size of a screen might give a general reference...maybe about an inch or so long.