Not Slacking, I Swear!

Nope, I've just been a really, really busy girl. My day job keeps me occupied and sometimes it exercises my brain so much that I run out of creativity (not to mention, energy)!

Over the past month or so, I've been slowly building up some stock, working on some new pieces, and fulfilling custom orders. Earlier this week I also got sick and had to shut down the shop for a few days, but I think I really made some progress this weekend. It's a relief, I tell you.

To prove I'm not lying, here's a little peak at what I've been working on...freshly oxidized and laid out to dry, but not yet tumbled or polished. Some you'll see in my Etsy shop, and some you'll just see on my Flickr when they're done, since they're based on orders (especially that super-sweet piece with the Egyptian Coils at the top left!). I plan to get them photographed and listed over the next month, so stay tuned. A couple pieces will also be listed at a really awesome price because they just didn't come out how I wanted them. LOL.

For all of you wondering about the pieces and the types of stones in the pic...I'll describe as best I can...here goes:

  • Top left: As mentioned, Egyptian Coils and turquoise nuggets.
  • Top right: Some lavender chalcedony faceted briolettes.
  • To the left of the lavender chalcedony: All of those ear wires contain a different bead, wrapped or with a bead cap. Includes sterling silver with prehnite, smoky quartz, or a spiral design. Some copper ones are included as well, and feature prehnite as well as carnelian wrapped teardrop beads.
  • Below the lavender chalcedony: A new piece that incorporates labradorite and garnet, as well as another new piece that includes vintage lucite beads (purchased from blacksheepbeads; awesome shop!).
  • Right: Wire wrapped focal pendants.
  • Bottom: A peak at a remake of my Egyptian Goddess necklace, a custom order from a customer.
So...keep your eye on the shop and you'll see most of these pretty soon. Thanks for looking!


TailoredTreasure said...

I love your jewelry and what a great article! How did you get into jewelry making?g

Simply Wired Custom Jewelry said...

Thanks tailoredtreasure! I picked up this little gig after my sister in law showed me some beads she was stringing...I liked the beads, but I was more drawn to wire work than stringing, so that's what I started with. :0D