Bead Trends Magazine

Today's post brings some news I'm excited about--two of my pieces have been chosen for inclusion in the November/December 2008 issue of Bead Trends magazine. Wheeeeeee!

A while ago I sent them some photos when they had their call for submissions, and about a week and a half ago they contacted me to ask me to send them my stuff! That's partially the reason why things have been so hectic...the one piece they requested had sold since I sent in my submission, so I had to create another one very quickly. I also had to write the instructions for each. For the earrings, it was easy, but for the lariat...not so much. There are many, many steps...about four pages worth! Apparently the editor revises them as necessary, and from looking at the magazine, it seems that directions are generalized for the most part. So, I gave them my text-based steps with as much detail as possible so they could edit as necessary. The hard part is, being an instructional designer, I'm VERY DETAILED with that kind of stuff! So, when I see the edited version, I'll probably cringe a little bit. If you're an ISD nerd, you'll know what I mean! ;0) I'll just have to get over it. LOL.

From what the kind folks at the magazine told me, the issue will be released some time in October. You can find copies of the magazine at Michael's.

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