What Did YOU Do to Promote Today?

Here, readers, is a question for you: What did YOU do to promote today? Do you have one or many answers? Are you doing things inside and outside of Etsy to promote yourself? Well, if you're searching for ways to take action, I'm going to provide you with my personal checklist below. I'm showing you my list for two reasons:

  1. I need to make this list for myself anyway, to ensure that I do all of these activities.
  2. If you're not promoting yet, it will serve as a great starting point for you to set you on your merry way!
Here we go, my fine friends:
  • Give your blog some love. Don't have a topic? Write about what you posted today and describe how you made it and/or what inspired you to make it.
  • Add a photo to your Flickr photostream and add the same photo to your groups.
  • Go to your Indiepublic page and your Skwiggle Kreationz page and add that photo to your profile, too.
  • Update your Indiepublic and Skwiggle Kreationz blogs, and leave some comments for your friends.
  • Get your Street Team stuff done, including making comments on blogs for the Blog Carnival (what, you're not part of a Street Team? You can go to the Etsy Teams page to find one that fits your needs, or come on over to the Etsy Bloggers Street Team--we keep growing and we'd love to have you!)
  • Update my Etsy Mini categories (are you on it? If not, get on there now--it's free promotion!)
  • Return bookmarks and acknowledgments on Talent Database
  • Visit the blogs on your blog roll and leave comments

That should do it, for now. If you have any other activities that you perform, please leave a comment...I'd love to make this list all-inclusive!


Stormy Designs said...

Great read & love your ideas. I try to do most of these every day & I see an improvement :-)

KieutiePie said...

I blogged today and have been doing a little commenting, but I always forget to update my flikr. Thanks for the reminder!